General Information

SAINT MICHAEL'S CCD: Confraternity of Christian Doctrine
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Mission Statement
The Office of Religious Education of St. Michael's Church will enable people to grow in the knowledge of God through increased understanding of the Bible and basic teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, to respond to God's love expressed through Jesus Christ by meaningful participation in the sacraments, and to grow in fellowship and discipleship as they are encouraged to discover and use their spiritual gifts in the service of one another and the world.

Elementary School Programs
Formal instuctions for baptized children at St. Michael's at the same age when children ordinarily begin school.  The success of the progarm depends on the cooperation of the parents, children, and volunteer teachers and administrators. Volunteers provide approximately 26-28 hours of instruction during the academic year. ( September thru March)  Parents are expected to reinforce learning at home, primarily by reviewing the lessons with the children, practicng prayers etc.  Children are expected to cooperate with the learning process by regular attendance, preparation, and appropriate behavior. Registration forms are completed each year so that records are accurate.

Classes are available for children in grades 1-8.

First Penance and First Eucharist are ordinarily celebrated in Grade 2. Confirmation is ordinarily celebrated in Grade 8.





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