Divorced, Widowed, and Separated

In the 1800’s people flocked to Long Branch during the summer to take advantage of the curative powers of the salt air and water. President Garfield was brought here to heal from his bullet wound. It didn’t work for the President.

Emotional healing is difficult. The causes of are pain are not so easily identified as a bullet wound. We need deal with deeper wounds: wounds that separate us, wounds that cause an emptiness, wounds that cause loneliness and anxiety. These take more than salt air and salt water to cure them.

God offers us healing energy, but we have to accept it. We have to let it come into us and to heal us. We have just to ask for it and accept it. Healing can change our energy. It can change the dynamics.

There can be blocks to our ability to heal.  Making amends for our actions can begin a great chain of events in us.  It enables us to release negative feelings and energy and open us for positive feelings and energy.  It opens us to taking God into us.  And so the healing will begin.

The Divorced, Widowed, and Separated group meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at St. Michael’s Living Room at 7pm. For more information please call 732-483-0360 ext 16.





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