Parish Value Statement

Our Value Statement exemplifies the key values that define who and what we at St. Michael Church are. 

Papal: We look to the Pope for solid teaching and all who preach and teach here do so faithful to him.We stand with him in his missionary outreach and support his efforts to ease human suffering.

Open: We realize that different people are at different places in their spiritual development and welcome all who might grow here to join us in an appropriate way.

Eucharistic: We cherish the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist as a powerful gift of God and as a most tender sign of Christ's love for us.

Quality: We are committed to the relentless pursuit of the highest quality of care for our people and the needy as well in our worship, programming and technology.

Beauty: We have the goal of having the most beautiful church, plant, grounds and sacred things for the Glory of God and to attract people to hear His Word and enter into His Sacraments.

Devotion: We remain keenly aware that Mary, St. Michael and all the angels and Saints are our company as we work at our mission in life as a parish and as individuals.

Education: We work hard to provide learning and training that leads to an increased understanding of the faith and the skills to put the faith effectively into action.

Gratitude: We make thankfulness the basic attitude we have toward God and one another.





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